Stroke Development

Once children have a basic understanding of freestyle and backstroke they will be taught the finer details of the stroke. They will first learn how to swim 25m of lateral freestyle (breathing to the same side) with the introduction to tumble turns. They will then progress to bilateral freestyle, whereby they learn to breathe on odd number counts, enabling them to proficiently breathe to both sides. Other important skills such as how to dive, tumble turn and finish correctly will also be taught in preparation for your child’s first swimming carnival! Advanced backstroke is also part of our stroke development series. At the completion of this level children will be able to swim 50m of proficient backstroke with the correct timing, technique, tumbles turns, dives and finishes. Whilst the children are developing the correct technique of advanced backstroke and freestyle they will also learn life-saving backstroke, an essential stroke that ensures children are able to swim for an extended period without using a lot of energy.  Breaststroke and Butterfly will also be introduced during this time.  If your child wishes to finish the Tadpoles program, they will be proficient swimmers in all 4 strokes, as well as Life Saving Backstroke.

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