Our Baby Prep Program is designed to work with babies natural air reflex shut down mechanism.  This mechanism is in built from being in the womb living in amniotic fluid.  If you've ever noticed, when you put a little one under the shower, or squeeze a washer full of water over their forehead, they don't cough, splutter or ingest the water because their shutdown mechanism is still in tact.  Bubs are used to water under 6 months of age, it's natural. They also 'feel' parents emotions and vibes.  Being a Parent is the hugest self relection experience in life. It's important not to be nervous or tense in water with your baby.... this is where they may develop unease in an aquatic environment, which only comes from the Parent.  Being 'aware' of your own emotions is very important for babies.

After 6 - 7 months of age, babies lose this reflex action and by 18 months - 2 years, they will start to develop fear.  It's of utmost importance to get your baby into an aquatic environment as early as possible and definitely before their fear character becomes present.  

Our Baby Prep Classes are FREE for the 1st 4 lessons.  They are then charged at half price until your bub reaches 9 months of age, then it's off to Baby Octopus Classes :)

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