14th of Mar 2017





There are many parents who mistakenly believe they should stop their child swimming during the cooler months of the year.  Time and observation has proved to us that this is mostly counterproductive for your child’s aquatic education. The simple truth is that taking extended seasonal breaks from swimming lessons, will set your child back.  In today’s world we have the availability of resources for continuation, such as warm indoor environments and heated pools, meaning taking a break is actually unnecessary.  The key factor of how children (and Adults for that matter) learn, is through repetition.  When this pattern is broken, the child may (more often than not) be repeating levels they had previously passed resulting in  loss of skills and confidence. 

We’d like to share with you the reasons why a break isn’t the positive choice to make and some facts about illness.




  1. Our illness rates are very similar in summer and winter. We have watched our attendances over many years and other than children with chronic conditions such as severe asthma, the difference in attendance during winter is very minor.
  2. Your child does not get sick from the colder air, however they can become sick from bacteria and viruses.  Children do not get sick from the pool water. Tadpoles Swim School MUST follow the law with regards to disinfection of our pool.  Reality is that most bacteria and viruses are dead within 1 minute in a properly treated pool.
  3. Middle ear infections are NOT caused by water getting into your child’s ear, this is a myth.  Middle ear infections are caused by infection spreading through the sinus passages into the ear.  Please do your research and ask your Doctor if you don’t believe us on this one!!
  4. If your child does happen to pick up an illness, we will do our best to organize a makeup lesson for you. We do offer Make Up Lessons only to clients who have paid their fees in full OR are an Ezi Debit Payment Plan.  We will offer you makeup lessons where we have availability. Unfortunately if you cannot attend on these available times, this is beyond our control.
  5. It is not cold in the Tadpoles building even on the coldest days of the year.  Our bathrooms are heated with air conditioners in both amenities and the Pool Water temperature is very firmly set at 33 C.
  6. Most physical exercise will strengthen your child’s immune system not weaken it. This is particularly true for swimming, especially children with Asthma.




1. The same way your child’s school education will not improve by taking 6 months off, your child’s swimming will not improve when they are not swimming. We have consistently found that our 6 month a year swimmers take about 5-6 weeks just to get back to the level of swimming they were at, when they stopped. This means that you are wasting money just to return your child to their old level.  The key to learning and progress is consistency and practice.

2. Your child won’t have a backyard pool to swim in over winter therefore the only swimming they could potentially get is at a heated public pool. It is our experience that despite best intentions most parents won’t make the time to take their child to informal swimming sessions over winter. Booking a lesson at Tadpoles commits you to take your child swimming & continue their exposure to learn to swim so they don’t regress in skill.




  1. It is the only sport that will potentially save your child’s life.
  2. Griffith University is running a long term study on the value of swimming lessons for childrens overall development. After a couple of years it has already shown that children who attend regular swimming lessons are ahead on ALL their developmental milestones. This includes physical, mental and social development. Remember that a swimming lesson is probably the first formal lesson that your child will attend before going to preschool or school. Swimming lessons will teach them to count, co operate in a group, improve their listening skills, develop their fine and gross motor skills, teach them about responsibility, risk and safety.


Finally we would just like to add that we do understand it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get up and come into a lesson during a cold, wet winter day but EVERYTHING we have seen over many years of running Tadpoles has shown us that those parents who persist are rewarded by their child’s faster progress, improved safety and in the long run cheaper lessons (because they are here for a shorter period of time).

Great Swimming & Water Safety from the Tadpoles Team


Children Learning to Swim and Parent Patience
16th of Nov 2016

Learning to Swim should be a gift given to your child as early as possible in life.  Not only is this an investment in a skill for life it is a gift in other areas such as an intellectual, social, physical and emotional capacity.  The link below takes you to a study, conducted over a period of 4 years, by Griffith University.  It shows results of children who attended swimming lessons from an early age are ahead of their non-swimming peers in reaching developmental milestones in life! 

Learning is a process, it's extremely important to remind yourself as a parent, that learning takes two key factors.... time and patience.  There are periods where your child will 'plateau' in swimming lessons and times when you become frustrated with the process or the plateau.  Please always feel comfortable in popping in to our office to discuss these things if you wish..... we keep an open door policy for everyone at Tadpoles.

The following points are also something to keep in mind....

* Taking Seasonal Breaks will halt a swimmers progress.  Some parents or family members feel summer is the time for swimming lessons or that it's all too hard with other sporting activities coming into life's events.  Others swim year round every year, and only take time off for illness. One thing we continually find surprising is Parents who "pre empt" illnesses in their children and render them sick in cooler months, whilst they are healthy beings and continuing on with life and school activities!  Whilst seeing into the future might not seem a bad thing for some, I firmly believe that 'manifesting' or 'throwing these thoughts out to the universe" is basically just making it happen.  
If you absolutely must take a break,  remember that your child probably won't perform their swimming at the same standard that they could do before their break.  Know that they probably won't be placed in the same class as their friends who have continued to swim all year round.  

* The number of swimming lessons makes a difference:  When you calculate swimming 45 weeks per year at 1 lesson per week x 1/2 hour lesson = 22 & 1/2 hours of swimming lessons in a whole year!!!  And that's if you don't take a lesson off, or have a break.  It's really not alot of time invested into a skill for life.   If you really want to see progress, two lessons per week is where that happens.  Do 2 lessons per week year round, those results are amazing!  If you can't afford to do that, try to Enrol in the Tadpoles Winter Swim Special - 50% off your 2nd lessons for the months of June July and August.  Alternatively, if you've got the time to invest but not the money, ask your Instructor for tips to work on and make sure you get to your local pool in your time off and conduct a back up lesson with your child, practicing their class swim skills then have some play time.  The more they're in the water, the more confident they become and the more you practice lesson skills, the faster they progress.  

* Trust your child's Instructor and Team of Professionals:  Every Swim School has a different cirriculum and your child will have particular skills to master before moving on to a new level.  At Tadpoles,  our levels 'flow' (please look at our Parent Information Board) therefore we work on level progressions within a class as your child gets stronger.  Any concerns you may have are a welcomed discussion.  We want your child to progess and will assist and guide you where we can, in the process.  This could mean trying a different class with other students; trialling another Teacher; trying a different time of day etc.  There are a number of factors that can effect a child's progress if they are feeling challenged or plateauing, and we are more than happy to discuss these things with you.  Our Teachers are passionate about their jobs and want their students to progress!  We will work together to get the most benefit out of swimming lessons for yourself and your child.  



20th of Sep 2016

Our Intensive Learn to Swim Program runs from Monday 26th - Friday 30th September 2016 for only $85 per student.  We have limited vacancies still available so don't delay in calling our Office on 0296272398!

It's a great School Holiday time filler to boost your child's confidence, swimming ability and safety skills. 

9th of May 2016

With the recent sale of the Tadpoles Property, some clients are left 'wondering' what is to become of Tadpoles Swim School.   

Tadpoles is on a Commercial Lease for the next 9 years, regardless of the Property Sale.  So don't despair, your favourite Swim School and it's Teachers will remain influencing your child's aquatic education for this period (and longer after renegotiations of the lease with the new owner).   

9th of May 2016

Our incredibly popular Super Winter Swim Special is coming up again.... and it's way too good of a bargain to miss!

For our students who are enrolled in One Swimming Lesson Per Week; book a 2nd Swimming Lesson and received that 2nd Lesson for a whopping 50% off the normal price!!!  And what better time to be doing extra swimming an accelerating aquatic skills than the cooler months, when no other additional swimming is being done.  It's definitely the smart way....

So, our Special commences on May 30th and Finishes on August 29th 2016.  This 12 week block of lessons is only $117 for the entire 3 months!  So what are you waiting for???

***  2nd Lesson is for the 12 week block commencing 30.5.16 and finishing on 29.8.16.
       The $117 for the Winter Swim Special MUST be paid for in Full, up front, prior to commencing the          Winter Special - once placement has been confirmed. 

10th of Mar 2016

Sometimes we hear Parents try to justify their decision of allowing their child to 'take a break' from swimming lessons, or stopping them altogether.  Sometimes this is when a student is at our Black Silver Red Level - which is only a 12.5metre basic freestyle rotation; a 12.5metre sculling back kick and some safety work such as 30 seconds treading water!  This does not qualify as being water safe or stroke proficient.... it's only the beginning!!!  If your child takes a break - either below, at, or above these levels, they will be relearning skills they had already learned before they "took a break", which is not value for your dollar invested, or for their aquatic education.  If you or your child are sick of school, would you let them take 3 months off?  

By official standards from Austswim, Ascta, Swim Australia and Laurie Lawrence, your child cannot swim safely in a variety of water situations unless:

They can swim 50metres freestyle comfortably
They can swim 50 metres backstroke comfortably
They can swim Life Saving Backstroke and Breaststroke

Think about it...... seriously.





17th of Dec 2015

It's the time of year when we all relax and step off the Merry Go Round of Life.  Take care, stay aware and alcohol free in and around water.  Drowning doesn't discriminate!  Keep your children within arms length reach, particularly if they aren't up to a proficient 25m level of Freestyle and Backstroke swimming - and knowing how to tread water for one - two minutes.  

Have fun in the water but remember to practice learned skills as well.  Christmas Holidays can be used to your advantage and your child will come back to lessons stronger and better than ever before with the work you put in.  We hate to see children come back having regressed by swimming upright and cycling under the water, instead of kicking.... all because they've been put in a swimvest all summer so Parents don't have to be too 'present' or worry too much.  

Swimming Lessons are the best investment a Parent or Carer can make in a child's life.  And like anything, the more you practice the better you become.

Colds, Flu's and other viruses...
19th of May 2015

Yes we definitely encourage Swimming all Year Round, it's the only way for a child to learn this life saving skill however if your child has any type of virus or bug, we kindly request they do not enter our pool.  No one enjoys being sick, be it children or Adults!  Our Teacher's health is imperative, and to have consistency in Teachers, we do ask that a make up lesson is booked in lieu of attending with a sick or infectious child, as our Teachers work in extremely close proximity to our students.  We do our best to kill the germs on regular basis, right down to disinfecting door surfaces and handles, our toys and play area fence and gate a few times per week. We would be very appreciative of our valued Clients doing their part to stop the spread at this Cooler time of year.  Thank you so much for your consideration. 

25th of Feb 2015

As you know, year round swimming is THE only productive and efficient way for your child to learn to swim.  Consistency is the key to any learning for children which is why we want to offer and promote our Super Winter Special!

Any student enrolled in a Tadpoles Swimming Lesson and has paid that Terms Fees (either in full or via Ezi Debit arrangement) is eligible to book a second Swimming lesson at 50% off!  That means it's only $114 instead of $228 for the twelve week block.  Two lessons per week makes an incredible difference to their skills and ability in the water.... why not get a head start for the upcoming spring & summer months?

* Winter Special is for the months of June, July and August only.

25th of Feb 2015

We will be running our popular Intensive Swimming Program from Tuesday 7th April - Friday 10th April 2015.  Explained, the Intensive Program is tailored to the students enrolled, for 4 consecutive days. Basically it's 4 weeks of weekly lessons but blocked into 4 days, which makes an enormous difference to students confidence and skills.  This block of Intensive Swimming Lessons will be $76 per student.  

We are taking expressions of interest for this program now, so please contact our Office if you would like to invest in this great program during the first week of school holidays!

22nd of Dec 2014

Please, don't take your eyes off your children even if they can swim.  Drowning doesn't discriminate!  It takes but a moment.  Stay safe, remain aware, don't assume your kids are OK... reality is they may not be.  

It's Holiday Season...
16th of Dec 2014
It's coming in to Holiday Season, and much of this is spent in, or around, water.  
Regardless of your child regularly attending Swimming Lessons, it is only half an hour
per week.  They may be very clever in their lessons with their peers and Teachers
yet if they are not adaptable to 'change' OR are inclined to 'panic' they can
momentarily forget all of that hard safety work they've learned.
Resilience is also a skill that is an imperative part of educating our children in Life :)
In or Around Water, Please "Keep Watch" at ALL times. 
Please take the time to reinforce aquatic safety messages your children have
been learning!

Remember: Just because your child can swim doesn't mean they aren't at risk
of Drowning.

Drowning does not discriminate!

Below are drowning statistics for your information.....
266 people drowned in Australia between July 13 June 14 , down from 295 the
previous year

81% males- the same year in , year out!!
Inland drownings the highest single category with 105 deaths in Rivers/dams etc,
the Hawkesbury is the 5th most dangerous waterway
39 Drownings in swimming pools and 34 on Surf beaches
Children 0-14 made up 30 drownings
Youth between 15-24 made up 40 drownings
Be Kind to each other and take good care.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Safe Festive Season from all of us at Tadpoles!
18th of Jun 2014

POLICY:  Whilst we discourage the use of goggles in beginner levels (ie: Baby Octopus - beginner Orange Silver Black levels) we do encourage the use of goggles to protect eyes - once a child is comfortable swimming with their face submerged for 5m distances.  To ensure water safety and NON goggle dependence, we always begin our classes without goggles and finish our lessons withour goggles (ie: a turn on the rope, or noodle race).  

We do have some safety levels which require skills and swims without goggles.  Further Royal Life Saving & Swim SAFER program week awards are based on wearing NO goggles for particular skills.

PARENTS, always remember that if your child falls into a body of water they will more than likely be wearing clothes and no goggles.  At Tadpoles we feel very strongly in educating children with water safety and not just swimming strokes!

Just hanging around may be useful info for our parents....
26th of Mar 2014

Teaching Tips B A recent issue of Swim Tips gives us the following information that may just be useful for our parents...

Just hanging around!

Check out the clip below as little Sam (not his real name) discovers buoyancy and enjoys a few seconds just hanging there!

Sometimes mums and dads and even teachers can feel frustrated when their children stop kicking and just hang in the water.  But in truth this is one of the most exciting and important discoveries for little learners.

Get excited and explain to the mums and dads how important this is and that their child has just made a monumental discovery – and that is buoyancy and that water holds them up!


Monkey see, monkey do!

Monkey see, monkey do is a saying that popped up in American Culture in the early 1920s. The saying refers to the learning of a process without an understanding of why it works. Another definition implies the act of mimicry usually with limited knowledge and/or concern of the consequences.

Learning from others, spontaneity and using teachable moments is fantastic in teaching, but be sure to ask questions and understand the “why”.  Otherwise you may find yourself teaching inappropriate or out of context activities!

Most people are happy to explain so don’t be shy about asking.

It’s all about curiosity!

6th of Nov 2013

A new study by the University of Adelaide is showing that children who commit to swimming lessons from an early age are well ahead of children who do not do swimming lesssons, on their all their developmental milestones.  This includes academic, motor skills and social milestones.  Swimming lessons will give your child all they physical and social development of playgroup or a kids gymn session AND most importantly, SWIMMING IS THE ONLY SPORT THAT WILL SAVE A LIFE!!!  

Come and visit us to see how to get the fastest results from swimming lessons, in an environment where your child is treated with care and respect, and can learn through play :)

Baby Swimming
15th of Aug 2013

This baby is 1 year and 9 months old. She is swimming for 7 seconds with her face in the water; she can jump in from a height and turn around underwater and swim back to the wall.  Brilliant! 

The more you expose your child to water, the more they learn.  Reinforce the skills they learn in their lessons, make water time for you and them... and additional 30 - 60 minutes per week on top of their usual swimming lesson can make the most amazing difference!

15th of Jul 2013

We welcome ALL feeback at Tadpoles and assist as much as possible to solve all sorts of issues.... we are a very friendly and welcoming group of compassionate people :)

It's very nice to hear the wonderful things about us and even nicer to READ it.  This is a share from Facebook....

28th of Mar 2013

March this year saw me and my family take a holiday to Fiji.  Aside of enjoying some R & R, My main mission was to get out of the recluse of resort style holidaying, to a local village and kindergarten. We ventured out to meet a lovely, larger than life lady from the Village, Lizzy, who took us to the Kindy and through the village.  The children of the kindy sang for us in English and Fijian, follow the link below if you'd like to view our footage:

In turn, my wonderful husband decided we were all going to sing for the Kindergarten (whilst I filmed of course) so he, his cousins and Aunty, introduced them to "rock a bye your bear" by the Wiggles!  Check out our rendition on the link below:

Tadpoles Owners, Kristina and Emil, kindly donated an abundance of swimwear, aqua quizzes, swimming books, DVD's and goggles for the Village Children, whilst Aunty Mary (a primary school teacher) gave pencils, books and paper.  The Kindy teacher was so happy with our donations and the children were ecstatic with their gifts! And we, including our own children, were blessed with the gift of giving and sharing to others not as fortunate as us.

Upon leaving our little journey, just seeing small children laughing and playing under hoses in their brand new swimwear was such a beautiful thing.  They were so very grateful. 

Thank you Tadpoles!



7th of Nov 2012

Please do yourselves a huge favour by following the link provided and reading this article.  It will make a huge difference to the way you see things when watching your children swim....

We all need to be more aware in and around water, lives are so precious and summer is just around the corner.

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