⛄️ S W I M M I N G ❄️ I N ❄️ W I N T E R ☃️

Even though the weather is still a hot and humid 35 degrees, our summer swimming period is coming to an end. As the colder season approaches we must take the time to consider the immense benefits of continuing swimming lessons throughout winter. Here at Tadpoles we KNOW how much of a difference winter swimming can have in your child’s confidence, progression and ability. Children who take 6 months off tend to return to swimming with regressed ability and take weeks and weeks just getting back their summer ability. They build that confidence all over again that by the time summer is over they are progressing again. Then they stop for winter and the cycle starts over. Children who continue lessons tend to soar ahead over their counterparts and be much safer in the water as they continue to progress and build more and more confidence.

Swimming may not be the first activity that springs to mind in winter, however our Tadpoles pool was built for it! We are indoors and plenty cosy with our pool running at a balmy 34 degrees right through winter (you can see the warmth radiating throughout the poolhouse in this picture, taken on the coldest morning of winter last year at -4 degrees, brrrrrrrr!) We have heaters in our change rooms and stands (as pictured) to put into our pools for children to stand on without needed to leave the water! Now chances are your little one might fall sick sometime over the winter months, unfortunately it can be unavoidable! If your child is sick we offer make up lessons specifically for that reason. Take a couple of weeks off to make sure they are good as new and see our office to arrange catch up lessons, no money wasted on lessons that aren’t attended!


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