Welcome Back to 2018

2018 is well and truly underway and the weather has been HOT HOT HOT! This usually means lots of swimming over the holidays for our little Tadpoles, which is fantastic to improve children’s skills and confidence. As they say, practice makes perfect!


Here at Tadpoles we are avid believers in ‘children learn through play’, it is very important to note however, that practice is only effective if the correct technique is being used, even when playing. Whilst playing in the water includes fun games like dive rings, swimming under the water and jumping in making a big splash, it is imperative that safety is exercised and encouraged in all tasks. Jumping in feet first and returning to the wall is a great way to instil a safe habit for young children. For those children a little bit stronger having them practise swimming on both their stomachs and their backs will ensure they return to lessons a more competent swimmer in all strokes. A good balance of practise AND play has proven to help children improve leaps and bounds over the break! On this note, please let us know if your child has been a little fish over the break and we will assess their returning swim level as they may have jumped a few levels in our program!

We look forward to seeing just how clever our little ones have gotten over the holidays, a joyous and happy start to 2018 for all our Tadpoles Families!

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