Swimming Ouside of Lessons

The backyard pool or the local pool is a great place to soak up some sun and keep your children confident and happy around the water! Although a great source of fun, it is important to remember the value of maintaining your child’s swim capability by practicing those valuable skills learned throughout the swim year here at Tadpoles.  This is especially important for our children participating in our Baby Octopus levels through to Orange/ Silver/ Black levels.


 Children at a basic water confidence level need frequent exposer to water to constantly build on the confidence gained in lessons. Practicing bubbles, hiding eyes and ‘Tiger arm’ and kicking leg movements in the bath or under supervision in a pool can work wonders on a Childs ability to progress to a confident and happy swimmer. At Tadpoles, Swim aids are used to encourage horizonal body positioning in the water (back bubbles) and develop muscle memory for correct kicking movements (leg band). Be careful when using aids at home that will encourage incorrect movement such as running legs (vests and life jackets are intended to keep children upright, therefore encouraging ineffective bicycle kicks instead of splashing toes). Be mindful when choosing aids that they won’t be a hinderance down the track of your child’s swimming journey.


This is the case for over use of Goggles also. Children love to see and explore under the water, however dependence to goggles can develop where the child cannot swim without them. Remember, times where a child will need to use their swimming skills unexpectedly will almost never occur when the child is ready. They are most likely to be wearing clothes and shoes, definitely not goggles! Practice swimming with and without to avoid this dependence and 3 steps back in ability when returning to lessons (where goggles will not be permitted until this dependence is overcome for safety reasons).

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