With the beautiful warm weather we have been experiencing heading into May this year, you could be easily forgiven for forgetting that Winter is almost upon us!

As it starts to get colder we ask that parents remember to bring adequate clothing for children to change into before they head out the door. Although we all know the pool house is rather toasty, to a little one hoping out of the water it isn’t so warm, and outside is positively freezing! To prevent illness this coming cold and flu season, rugging children up in jackets and even beanies (to protect their little wet heads) on those cold days, is a MUST. On this note; if your little one isn’t feeling their best PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME! Sick children in the pool spreads disease to other children and our teachers. We offer makeup lessons for this precise reason so you will not miss out! Help us keep our pool (and pool house) germ free for all those healthy enough to enjoy their lesson, and when your swimmer is feeling better we will do our upmost to accommodate your availabilities for makeup lessons.

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