Our Baby Octopus classes have a maximum of 5 parent/child pairs in a class. These classes have been specifically designed to develop early water confidence and build the foundations of swimming & safety around the aquatic environment, in a young child. Other benefits to your baby are cognitive and motor skills stimulation through movement, balance & mental exercises conducted within the Tadpoles class. Babies can begin classes at Tadpoles from approximately 9 months of age, once their motor skills have developed further. If your child is under 9 months of age, we encourage you to contact us and come in to view a class to prepare and make an informed decision, before their next most important milestone – swimming lessons!

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Around approximately 2 years of age, toddlers move into a 4 parent/child class called Transition. Transition classes with parents were introduced to Tadpoles in 2007, and have proven to be a very effective way for youngsters to develop their water skills, teach parents the correct ways to assist their children in the water and prepare them for a “solo” class without the separation anxiety that can be experienced within the “terrible two’s” era of a child’s life. With the parent remaining in the water children are guaranteed to a lesson of constant attention and guidance, even if another child is having a bad day! Parents will gradually move out of the water when the child is approximately 3 years of age.

Swim School Classes


These levels were designed to provide children with a fun and interactive introduction to the water. The general aim of the levels is to allow children to become familiar and confident in the aquatic environment, all laced with a healthy dose of safety first! At the completion of Tadpoles Pink Pufferfish level, children will be enthusiastic and excited to spend time in the water and be able to swim independently underwater for a period of 5 seconds.

Swim School Classes


Within these levels, children continue their learn to swim journey with our unique style of learning through play. Children progress their independent underwater swim to 7 seconds, learn to carry out a safe jump technique into the pool and turn around underwater to swim safely back & grasp the wall to climb out. All levels within Water Safety have a clothed swim component for varying swim distances, up to 12.5m. Children will also learn to safely roll on their backs to swim and gain effective air control swimming on their front before moving onto our Advanced Water Safety and Basic Stroke Development levels.

Swim School Classes


Children will work towards developing basic freestyle and backstroke. At the completion of this level children will confidently be able to swim 12.5m in both strokes, with a sound knowledge of streamlining, air control and swim counts. Whilst working toward this goal, children will also learn valuable water safety techniques that will assist them if they ever find themselves in a troubled situation. All these safety skills are taught without goggles to ensure that children can still perform, even if they accidentally find themselves in the water.

Swim School Classes


Once children have a basic understanding of freestyle and backstroke they will be taught the finer details of the stroke. They will first learn how to swim 25m of lateral freestyle (breathing to the same side) with the introduction to tumble turns. They will then progress to bilateral freestyle, whereby they learn to breathe on odd number counts, enabling them to proficiently breathe to both sides. Other important skills such as how to dive, tumble turn and finish correctly will also be taught in preparation for your child’s first swimming carnival! Advanced backstroke is also part of our stroke development series. At the completion of this level children will be able to swim 50m of proficient backstroke with the correct timing, technique, tumbles turns, dives and finishes. Whilst the children are developing the correct technique of advanced backstroke and freestyle they will also learn life-saving backstroke, an essential stroke that ensures children are able to swim for an extended period without using a lot of energy. Breaststroke and Butterfly will also be introduced during this time. If your child wishes to finish the Tadpoles program, they will be proficient swimmers in all 4 strokes, as well as Life Saving Backstroke.

Swim School Classes


Mini Squad is a great option for children who need a little bit more of a challenge, but are not ready for a conventional squad. Tadpoles students that have gained their Gold Fish, Green Frogs, Blue Sharks Level certificates will have moved on to some Breaststroke and Basic Butterfly work. Students at this level are recommended to move into a 50m length pool to increase stamina and endurance, yet still including some stroke correction. We recommend Swim West Swim Club for this introduction to a longer distance pool. You can contact the club on 0405247801 or view their website:

Swim School Classes


During some school holidays, Tadpoles offers an intense learn to swim program for children. Children will attend lessons for 5 consecutive days, for half an hour. These lessons give students the opportunity to rapidly improve their skills as they are practiced and corrected more frequently.

Swim School Classes


Although the Tadpoles Program is safety based learning, specific weeks are allocated EVERY term, to run the RLSS program. RLSS offers this nationally recognized program to partner swim schools and is an extremely informative and fun way for children to learn even finer details of Life Saving based safety.

For more information please click here.

Swim School Classes


SwimSAFER is a safety awareness program bought to you by Swim Australia and ASCTA. We run our SwimSAFER Program in Term 4 every calendar year to build a strong awareness in our students, preparing them for their Summer holiday break (which is often spent in or around water and possibly beaches).

Tadpoles has made this program exciting and beach ready, by giving the students an taste of what it's like to swim in (teacher simulated) waves; what do to in a Rip/Current situation and some basic CPR. The students LOVE SwimSAFER and often students return the following week asking to do it all again!!!

Swim School Classes

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